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Lilly Rose Garden Mitzvah

Originally Posted on Mitzvah Market site

Photography provided by Silber Photography

Lilly Rose was the honoree of the night at her beautiful lily rose garden themed Bat Mitzvah held at the Four Seasons Baltimore.

“Taking direction from magazine spreads that the Bat Mitzvah Mom had saved, linens and accessories such as elegant chargers, colorful chairs, beaded napkin wraps, custom floral Gobos (light projections) and handcrafted centerpieces were selected…. The dance floor plasma screens showed off the beautiful logo and the custom floral gobos danced along the walls.”
-Mitzvah Market

Excel worked with the design team to accentuate different decorative elements with up-lighting for the walls and furniture, as well as pinspots to highlight the beautiful centerpieces. To create a show-stopping effect as soon as guests entered the ballroom, we utilized a half dozen moving profile fixtures elevated on truss towers to project custom floral gobos around the walls and on the ceiling. This showcased the power of carefully designed lighting to tie together an event space – helping to create an unforgettable experience for Lilly’s special day!